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The Internet

My knowledge of the Internet


The user is the person that wants to do something on the computer. like if you wanted to play a game on the Device, you would be a user. Commerce, entertainment, information


A browser is used for navigating the World Wide Web also known as www. (It is used to search for things for the user.) e.g. IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. search, browse, and interact


A device is something that the user uses to browse things. Example: PC, Phone, tablet. The user uses the internet to get information, data, socialise, game.


ISP stands for internet service provider and it provides internet to devices. Basically if you had all the things to run a device and did not have a subscription with a ISP you will have no access to browse the WWW


A Webpage is a Hypertext (A link) document connected to the World Wide Web. Webpages make the WWW. These documents are written in HTML(Hypertext markup language) A display of information, something a user interacts with, made using HTML, a digital document shown on the internet.

World Wide Web

An info system on the internet that allows documents to be connected to other documents. It allows the user to move documents to another. (Also known as WWW)


Its a device that goes to your computer. This is so you can share data, or information with other users. It provides wifi for the user so he may go on the internet


A network is simply just a variety of all whole parts linked with devices. E.g Computers, devices and operations


A webserver is where all the data gets sent out from. All the data get sent into the webserver then gets split into peices and sent out singly, then once it reaches to you it reassembles back again.

Fiber Optic Cables

A fiber optic cable is a cable that allows to send out data really fast. Digital data is sent through the cable in the speed of light. The cable is made up of plastic layers.


Webhosting is a activity or business that gives us storage space to save data. It also allows access to websites for the user to go on. Thats why they call it a webhost.


Packets are things that are downloaded and are broken up into single files and reassembled. It is used to communicate between computers, it is also bits of data.


A router is like traffic managers so it can keeps packets moving smoothly through the internet. If one route is overcrowded with data, files, information then the packets get sent through singly into another way so it can reach its destination. e.g its like roads if one road is blocked you will have to get to your destination using another route.

LANs RANs and WANs

LAN:Local area network

WAN:World area network

RAN:Regional area network or Radio access network. it connects all the lans (local area networks)


Uniform Resource Location. A URL is a link it allows the user to access the site they want to go on. every site has a URL.